Computer Repairs in Skelmersdale
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Computer Repairs Skelmersdale

Welcome to Computer Repairs Skelmersdale. We are a local company working in Skelmersdale and surrounding areas and we repair computers, laptops & tablets.

We have two local business premises, one in Ormskirk one in St Helens and our latest shop on Duke Street in Southport. We will soon be opening a small workshop in Skelmersdale to further expand our coverage.

Computer Repairs SkelmersdaleWe have a team of 6 full time highly experienced computer engineers who can call out to your home or business to repair your laptop or computer. If you prefer, you can bring your faulty computer or laptop to one of our business addresses.

Note: For your peace of mind, we do not operate from private home addresses.

We have been repairing computers in Skelmersdale for many years and have a number of local Skelmersdale Primary Schools that we provide weekly support. We also provide support to a number of Local Charities in Skelmersdale as well as businesses.

Professional references can be provided on request.

Computer Repairs  Skelmersdale
Skelmersdale has many small businesses and we understand the need for quality and reliable local support. We can come to your business in Skelmersdale and repair your computer or laptop in your office.  Alternatively, we can collect it and bring it to one of our workshops.  Our workshops are registered & insured business addresses, not a private home ‘back room’.  We stock 100’s of desktop computer parts and can fix most problems within hours. We supply hard drives, computer memory, desktop power supplies as well mas many other parts.

Laptop Repairs Skelmersdale
Laptops can be problematic due to their portability.  We stock over 10,000 new or used laptop parts. We repair all laptops in our insured workshops.  We can replace cracked laptop screens, faulty DC sockets, replace laptop power supplies. We also stock laptop memory, laptops hard drives and laptop power supplies.

Tablet Repairs Skelmersdale
We are seeing a huge increase in the number of tablet repairs, a sign of changing times. We stock many iPad parts including LED/LCD panels, digitizers, volume buttons, speakers, home buttons etc. We repair all iPad and other tablets in our own workshop, we do not ship them off for repair as some other businesses do. We know where your equipment is at all times.

Virus Repairs Skelmersdale
If you computer has annoying pop ups or is generally acting strange. Maybe it cannot access the internet or simply will not boot. This could be a virus!  We have a extremely high fix rate for virus infections and malware. We specialise in virus removal where others may just wipe the computer, our aim is for a 100% repair. For all computer issues, contact us at Computer Repairs Skelmersdale.